Kara Rokblade

I wrote about QuestLord over at Hardcore Droid.

QuestLord, from Eric Kinkead, is an accessible – but not necessarily lite – retro role-playing adventure.  The game opens with the sweet RPG classics. Your character is a human, elf or dwarf, and you set out to save the realm from certain destruction, with nothing more than a basic sword and simple adventurer’s gear. Depending on character choice, players begin with a simple weapon or a single spell but all characters soon improve their gear by finding new loot. Players find random drops of armor, weaponry, money, and consumables, all presented as simple icons in that familiar and charming 8-bit style.

QuestLord also offers a quick game option, in which players can choose one of three pre-generated characters for a shortened adventure. One of these playable characters is Kara Rokblade. Kara’s as retro cute as the rest of the game, with solid starting stats, and she’s a stocky dwarf in full armor, not a busty hourglass in a battle bikini. I was so delighted to see a female PC in logical armor.

Read the full QuestLord review at Hardcore Droid.

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