This is the first time I’ve changed my profile photo for a Facebook cause. I usually see these as lazy slacktivism, because if you really want to support a cause, you could try donating some money or writing a letter! But I’ve recently discovered that, hey, some of my basic beliefs are not terribly common. No, the unseasonably cold weather today didn’t just disprove climate change. And yes, other people getting married is fine by me. All people in love can file their taxes together, handle joint property with more ease, and talk to doctors on each other’s behalf.  Clerics needn’t perform gay weddings, (or weddings for divorcees, or for nonbelievers who think the chapel is pretty) if they don’t want to, of course, but, say, North Carolina would be required to honor a Massachusetts or New York gay marriage, just like it does an out-of-state straight marriage.

I also support the chance to call your partner “husband” or “wife” and then laugh hysterically, which is going to be freaking awesome when Harold and I get married.

It was a little strange to watch my entire Facebook feed turning into equal signs, with some friends posting status updates saying they’re into gay marriage, but not so into slacktivist memes. But isn’t Facebook really delightful at times? This morning, my high-school boyfriend redid the equal-sign image that was going around as a GIF to make it smoother and more aesthetically pleasing. A friend from college restyled it in a slightly  different way to improve the look in the minimized version. And my fiance made a cover photo to coordinate with his the profile icon, because even when using an underwhelming image to state the obvious, my friends make it look nice.

These slacktivist memes are pretty cool.

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3 Responses to Equals

  1. Very well put, thank you for sharing. I too feel that the ‘sanctity’ of my marriage is harmed not by the marriage of same sex couples but by their inability to do so. No one is free until we are all free.

  2. Andrea says:

    “No, the unseasonably cold weather today didn’t just disprove climate change.”

    I read a quote somewhere that I really liked – “If one snow storm disproves global warming, does one Republican infidelity disprove the ‘sanctity of marriage’?”


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