Gemini Rue

The iOs build of Gemini Rue is out today!

photoThe iOS version is very true to the original’s point-and-click interface, while still taking advantage of the touchscreen’s capabilities. Players will navigate similar screens and will tap to investigate areas or items. The iOS build will go for $4.99, but the game launches at a discounted price of $3.99.

Wadjet Eye typically develops and publishes PC games, like Resonance with XII GamesPrimordia withWormwood Studios, and the Blackwell series. Apparently, we’re all huge Wadjet Eye fans at Indie Game Mag — a quick search of the name turns of dozens of glowing posts! This build of Gemini Rue is Wadjet Eye’s first iOS release.

Also, I helped out beta testing, and played through several times without getting sick of the game! In my testing experience, that has not often been the case.

Via ‘Gemini Rue’ Out Now For iPad on Indie Game Magazine

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