When I was in Brooklyn, and I asked Harold to come over and help me put my new bed together, I assumed he’d be done in a few minutes, and probably make a few modifications and improvements on the design. My first sign that I was not entirely accurate in this assumption was that Harold doesn’t own a toolbox.

Most of the men in my life are do-it-yourself New Englanders, Eagle Scouts, engineers with a penchant for improving things, and so forth. (Eric is all of these!) I was kind of shocked that Harold doesn’t have a tool box. If you have guys in your life like Eric, or Scep, or Stick, or my dad, or basically every man I know, you don’t really do too much with tools. I mean, I’ve used a screwdriver when upgrading parts of my desktop, but most men I know will turn an Ikea box into a couch in seconds. Usually with a couple design improvements. (Message to the reader: Sometimes when I am being positive, readers assume I am being sarcastic. I actually mean real improvements like the reading-and-glasses tray Eric built for my loft bed in college. I am not using “design improvements” for things that fall apart, because everyone is so freaking good at this that nothing falls apart.)

Since we’ve been in Chapel Hill, I thought I’d give some of this furniture assembly a try. After about ten minutes, I had a working lamp, and that was pretty cool. It’s grown from assembling package furniture to doing a couple repairs, to… somehow ending up with a dresser in pieces on the floor. Harold’s mom brought it over, she runs a secondhand shop, and comes across cool pieces all the time. I was only going to going to take the drawers out to spray the runners with WD-40, but then I thought I might as well stain the worn parts, because I already had some wood stain from doing the dining chairs, and then if I’m going to go through all that, I should varnish it, right? Right?

I thought he was being nice to me, but as it turns out, Eric has been hogging all the fun.


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  1. bridget says:

    Sometime, ask Eric about the Great Changing of the Brakes of 2012.

    Or don’t, if you don’t want him to relive the blow to his masculine pride as he found out that his girlfriend has the coolest car-repair tools around. 😀

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