Dickwolves, Still

After Dickwolves, I decided not to attend PAX. This is not an idle decision, or a ragequitting of a fairly underwhelming webcomic. I’m a freelance games writer who regularly covers E3, SXSW, GDC, Casual Connect, IndieCade, TechCrunch Disrupt, East Coast Games Conference, Games For Change, Serious Play, and many other game expos. With different sponsors, PAX East would be a really great show for me to attend. It’s in Boston, where most of my college friends have settled, and it showcases many indie games, which is pretty much what I cover.

Still, I find Penny Arcade, and the views that are continuously expressed and then rehashed with an almost-apology, to be an embarrassment to our industry. I can’t see spending my time and money to support them and give a larger platform to their views.

Recent events have reminded me that this is the right decision.

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