MakerFaire NC

I have a new summer job, which is full-time teaching at Youth Digital Studios in Durham, so I’m getting up earlier and earlier to come in, and staying at work later and later to get ready and take notes on what I’ll do better next time. I like the job a lot, but could not wait to relax on the weekend!

Saturday, Harold and I went to the North Carolina MakerFaire. I really enjoyed New York MakerFaire, both times I went, and I planned check out all the projects, take some fun photos, and just enjoy a show without worrying about covering it for work. I wasn’t going to frame any articles in my head, or try to network, or look for interview opportunities. I didn’t even bring any business cards.

Ten minutes in, of course, I was wishing I had. So many awesome projects! (Edited to add: Here is the piece I wrote for Geek about MakerFaire!) There’s an adage about loving what you do enough that you never work a day in your life. It is definitely my goal, but I think I’m doing it wrong. Instead, I like what I do enough that I’m always working.

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