At the toy store, I was looking at E-Z-Bake cupcakes, mini icecream makers and other culinary cuteness, but Harold pointed out that I probably don’t need any of them because we have an entire kitchen for preparing treats.

I was just instructed in mature decisions by a 40-year-old man buying action figures and comics.

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4 Responses to Treats

  1. Plus1Sword says:

    I do not need a $30 Wonder Woman.I do not need a $30 Wonder Woman.I do not need a $30 Wonder Woman.

  2. bridget says:

    I’m just confused by the concept of a man who doesn’t want his fiancee to buy things with which to make confectionery deliciousness – and confused by the idea that you can make ice cream without an ice-cream maker.

    I mean – CHOCOLATE! will come out of those things, right?

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