Tipping The Cows

cow tipMy friend Greg from college is now a game development professor, and I’m a games journalist, so I interviewed him for thalo about his students, his projects (which sometimes involve tipping cows) and indie games in general.

Guess all that time we spent playing games in college wasn’t wasted after all!

CONCORD, NH – Greg Walek is a professor of Animation and Graphic Game Programming at NHTI in Concord, New Hampshire. Greg joined NHTI’s faculty after working for major developers in the games industry, including Raven, and now spends his days mentoring game development students (as seen in photo 1) through creative projects like Tip The Cows (as seen in photo 2). thalo had the chance to talk with Greg about his work and experiences.

th: An interested game development student can learn new programming languages, new software, and other technical skills from a good teacher, but there are also other qualities that make a good game designer. In addition to technical skills, what strengths and qualities do you look for in students?

GW: A good work ethic trumps talent. Every day. Every time.

Via Cow Tipping Meets Graphic Game Programming on thalo

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