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I wrote some things about comics. I don’t really know anything about comic books! Which is why these reviews have been great fun to write! Recently, when I write about games, I can get caught up in how this game relates to industry trends, how it connects to the developers’ previous work, whether I expect it to monetize well, how the mechanics could be improved, and there is a lot of analysis before I get around to whether it was any fun. Not so, comics! I have zero preconceptions about publisher and

My post about Fairest in all the Land for Norgy even opens with how I don’t follow comics news and I think comic books shops are annoying. Then I said some things about how I couldn’t tell the characters apart.

Fairest is fairy-tale princess side of Fables, and this collection, Fairest In All The Land, written by Bill Willingham, is the third collection, beginning at issue 13, if you are someone who follows those things. (You can probably even find comics when organized by publisher, too, you dedicated fan!)  Fairest In All The Land is pretty accessible, the story can be understood and enjoyed with no previous knowledge of the Fairest/Fables world or events. There’s a bit more depth, especially in personal relationships, after reading the previous stories, though.

The story opens with narration by a magic mirror, in case you weren’t sure it was a fairy tale, and the mirror narrates bits through each issue. After a mysterious murder in Fabletown, Cinderella, released from hearth-sweeping duties, is appointed detective. As she investigates, aided by Ozma and half-aided by an enchanted car, she discovers that all the princesses — Snow White, Rose Red, etc. — are in danger. Investigating the murders bring the reader many different aspects of the magical world.

Via Comics: Fairest In All The Land

Also, I picked up The Cute Girl Network at SPX, and then I had some thoughts about it, and then I wrote about it for Nerdy But Flirty.

The Cute Girl Network, an graphic novel written by MK Read and Greg Means and illustrated by Joe Flood, tells the adventures of Jane and Jack, beginning with their meet-cute when Jane falls off her skateboard and lands on her butt in front of Jack’s soup cart. Sparks immediately fly between Jane, a cute skater with a love of bodily humor, and Jack, a kind of a lazy Everydude, but their delightfully weird romance might be derailed by well-meaning friends. Will Jack follow his roommate bro’s terrible dating advice? Will Jane be swayed by the stories of Jack’s dating history?

Via Review: The Cute Girl Network

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