What To Do With A Degree In Classics

One of my game dev students named the object for her Hero Marcus Junius Brutus and the object for her Enemy Gaius Julius Caesar. While I usually encourage my students to stick to the naming conventions, to avoid 10,000 files called Game,  and 10,000 objects called Active, I just didn’t have the heart to discourage classical names. (Serious, who doesn’t love a good classical name?)

Today my student was having some problems with her hero, and as part of the troubleshooting, I made a copy of the object, and could not pass up the chance to call it Marcus Junius Brutus Secondus.

My student gasped, before telling me how amazing and awesome that was, so I guess my degree comes in pretty handy sometimes.

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  1. Meg says:

    Beginning the countdown until someone appears to tell me that Secundus wasn’t used as an agnomen. 3…2…1…

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