Adding Awesome with ‘If This Then That’

New post on Yahoo about using IFTTT to save time and add awesome:


If This Then That is a repository of recipes to take advantage of services and sites you’re already using, by integrating actions on one service with a result on another. At it’s most simple, it’s the one add on to rule them all, replacing all the WordPress plugins that send posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

I found plenty of recipes to automate and facilitate things I was doing anyway, and then I discovered recipes to do things that hadn’t ever occurred to me, like connect my location and the local sunrise time with the Phillips Hue app, to wake up to a simulated sunrise , even in the smallest, windowless urban apartment. (IFTTT user Benright, you are a genius!)

via Automate Everything with ‘If This Then That’ – Yahoo Voices –

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