Planning Fallacy

There was so much to learn at IndieCade East, and so much to mull over and think about afterwards, but I haven’t actually written anything. I got home feeling completely, deeply exhausted, like I’d been traveling for weeks.

I usually suffer a bit from planning fallacy while traveling, overestimating how much work I can do while in transit, but I hit every possible delay and disaster on this trip. Did you know that if you are carrying a Kindle and iPod and netbook through security, that is a suspicious amount of electronics? And it will get you pulled out line and get your bags hand-searched? (I was carrying my suspicious electronics and associated chargers because I have both Droid and iOs review assignments due.)

With airlines charging to check bags and expecting passengers to be at the airport hours before the flight, it’s pretty ballsy for airport security to question me about why my carryon contains both things to occupy myself for hours of waiting and things I need for a trip.

<<Here I wrote an extremely long list of complaints about everything else that went wrong in the past week, but it’s boring, so I deleted it. >>

Anyway, I have a great deal to think about from the presentations at IndieCade that I made it to and  weren’t canceled, if I can stop dwelling on how awful my week was, I will.

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