The Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion Regarding Women and Games

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I wrote about this hilarious and sad comic on female gamers by Shaenon K Garrity for The Absolute. You may have seen it by now — this is actually the 4th time* I’ve covered a story right before a Gawker imprint does, which makes me feel like a fantastic journalist,  with my finger on the pulse of breaking awesome. Of course, immediately after that,  people will comment and email to call me a terrible hack for ripping off Gawker, so there’s that to keep me from getting conceited.

Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion by Shaenon K Garrity, is a wonderful comic about being a female gamer… at a gaming convention set in a sort of alternative World’s Faire.

Game writers will notice a reference to Penny Arcade’s Dickwolves and a parody of IndieStatik’s recent embarrassment. Women who play games will find the whole thing terribly familiar, although with an amusing twist. A booth babe raises her hemline to reveal her ankles (scandalous!), fanboys whistle and ask lady gamers to show their shoulders, while other games insist that Mumblety-Peg isn’t hardcore enough to be a ‘real’ game.

via The Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion Regarding Women and Games | (The) Absolute.

*’Comic Book Heroines in Pants’ hit Jezebel right after I wrote about it on Geek Insider, Jezebel covered Carly’s Choice: Texas  after I wrote about it for IGM, and Robert Yang’s talk at G4C was covered on IGM and Kotaku, just in case you’re reviewing my blog while considering whether to hire me.


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