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seed4 logo Seed 4 is a new fantasy MMORPG, available for Android from Gameberry.  The game is free to play, and monetizes on in-game purchases. Players can choose a fantasy hero — or heroine, there are plenty of playable females — and set off on their adventures.

Players can choose to play Quest, Raid, PvP, Subjugation, Intercept, Exploration, Guild Battle or Conquest. Quests were the simplest and easiest to engage in for a new player, because new players don’t need any allies or equipment to get started. Battles are simple, the app calls them “one-touch quests”.


After each successful battle, the player will receive one or more items as loot. Players end up with a lot of armor and weapons from questing, and they’ll very quickly be swapping out armor pieces for better ones, and filling every item slot. The app says there are “over 130 different types of items,” and fortunately there’s a simple one-click way to sell all of your unwanted loot back for Tarions, which can be spent on better loot or on hiring troops for your next battle.

After a while, players can form groups and Guilds with other players. Successful battles increase Guild and individual honor.

cleavage battle10 out of 10 for a playable female character. Wearing glasses, even! Now, about that shirt…

Seed 4 uses several forms of currency, blurring premium and in-game currency. Tarions and Hextarions can be earned through battle or received as daily login bonuses. They can also be purchased with real cash.


AP, or Action Points, are required to complete actions. When a player is out of action points, he can either stop playing and wait for them to refill over time, or drink a potion to refill this meter. Potions are available in the cash shop, received as gifts, or they can purchased with crystals. Crystals are also available in the cash shop, as well as premium weapons and armor, cosmetic improvements, and extra Tarions.

You can get the Android version of the game right here, and for Apple users there’s also an iOs version, too.

130 items

This post is sponsored by Seed 4, because if you play enough games and write about enough MMOs, eventually someone will pay you to do so.


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