You Win or You Drive

My coworker SuperDan lent me his Game of Thrones audiobook to listen to on my long commute to the studio.  It’s just great, and has really helped me deal with the drive. My team are all massive fans of the show, and I read the first couple books in college, although I don’t remember too much of the story anymore. I know I read it in my dorm room in Cambridge, because as I listen to the book now, I’ll remember my reading chair by the window in my room in St. Catherine’s, or arch at the gate, or the wall of cubbies where porters sorted our mail by room, and the blue calligraphy addresses on letters from Eric, or just random other images from that dorm. Sometimes, too, I’ll remember event as they’re being read, and almost cry out to the characters not to trust that person!

It’s a lot better than my usual drive, which involves me crying out to other drivers to use a turn signal or hang up their phones.


In Yangzhou, I only wished winter was coming.
A spoiler-free discussion in Boston.

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