Checkpoint: Reflections on Gaming, Travel and Place


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I’ve started a new project combining two of my favorite things, gaming and travel, and now I’m looking for contributing writers. This will be a collection of essays, vignettes and general reflections on games and location. I have, um, two pieces for it right now BUT THEY ARE AWESOME.

Here’s the call for submissions:

I see many connections between games and physical location, and I hope you do too.  Do you think of Monkey Island when you visit a real jungle? Did you recognize your Beijing dumpling shop in the background of a hidden object game? Will you always remember which game you played that week you were snowbound in New England? Or the game you played on a long flight? Did a game inspire you to take an actual trip? Did a trip encourage you to try a new game?

I’m looking for around 20 brilliant writers to share personal reflections on games, place and travel. Ideal contributors will have a background in game development, games journalism, travel writing, or just in thoughtful analysis of games.

Tentative release date is Spring 2015.

You should be part of it! Send .doc or .docx submissions to to contribute, or share with other gaming or travel writers.


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