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In Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness, archeology professor Harrison Standish, is investigating an Egyptian tomb, and discovers a set of messages, not consistent with when the chamber was supposedly sealed, and strange half-human skeletons. While he’s investigating the skeletons, he hears reports bout the same kind of bizarre half-human, half-wolf creatures running wild in Wyoming, and of course, the professor has to investigate. He finds much, much more than he could have expected.

This book is a fast-paced adventure, with many different plotlines and characters. Some characters lean a bit towards thriller archetypes, but Dedicated Investigative Reporter and Evil Nazi Scientist appear in so many thrillers for a reason, and Olsen does a good job differentiating each character and giving them their own motivations. Readers will stay invested in different plotlines thoughout this novel, and will be surprised in the ways the different storylines connect. Not everything is resolved at the end of the novel, leaving an opening for the next novel in the Purgatory series.

 Darryl Olsen is also the author of Children of the Gods.

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I received a copy of this book from Whirlwind Virtual Book Tours for review.

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