Book Tour: The Zombie Truth

the zimbie truthIn The Zombie Truth, by Vincent St. Vincent, students in Florida start to notice that some kind of evil is spreading, whether it’s random violence on the news, or a strangely aggressive ex-boyfriend.

The Zombie Truth was a rare book where I cared much, much more about the plot than the characters.  Neither Robert or Tara really stood out to me. (They are the protagonists, really, and I had to doublecheck their names for this post) But by the time I realized that Dude and Girlfriend weren’t really my cup of tea, enough strange things had happened that I kept reading to find out what was going on with all these unusual sightings. All these pieces have to be connected, but how?

I don’t want to reveal too much of the story, because discovering how the strange events are connected is enjoyable, and I don’t want to give spoilers. I will say, though, that every time I thought to myself, huh, that’s odd. Wonder why that piece of information was included, that bit always became significant later.

Although the publisher warns that the novel could be “too jarring, disturbing, uncomfortable or perplexing”, I didn’t find the novel gross, and I usually have a low tolerance for blood. (I’ve tried to watch a couple scary movies with my horror-writer husband, and it doesn’t usually go well. It’s entirely possible that Harold is bingewatching all the haunted horror movies while I’m away.) Some of the first violence takes place over a hot Florida Christmas, a really telling image that sets the tone of the rest of the book.

I received a copy of The Zombie Truth to read and review. As always, all opinions on my blog are my own, and ARCs have never stopped me from snarking about a bad book.

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