Comforting Mini-Puzzler in iOs ‘GrowRecovery’

grow recovery progess

I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t written too much here (and another eyeroll at another class is probably on the way), but I recently wrote about playing Grow Recovery for (The) Absolute.

Grow Recovery, though, adds a little narrative to the Grow game formula, showing an exhausted little figure in need of comfort and healing. It’s a simple human outline, but the task of looking after him is surprisingly moving. Each of the items available will make him feel better in a different way, Give him a blanket, and he’ll wrap himself up. Give him a friend, and the friend will help heal him. I think the animation at the beginning of the game is meant to show that the little grow guy is exhausted, but it’s easy to see all kinds of self-care and recovery in this tiny charming game.

The blanket levels up into a pillow and a bed, while the friend levels up into a family. Add food and the friend will cook a nourishing meal. (I was not entirely pleased by the little pink figure cooking a meal for the little blue figure, but since I express my affection through cooking food for people I love, well, that’s a bit of gender stereotyping I can accept.) All the interactions make an adorable self-care mini-sim for your phone.

from (The)Absolute Mag

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