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In BuriedTown, you are a lone survivor after the rise of the zombies, looting what you can to build up your home. You’ll need to get a weapon, maybe some armor, and start building upgrades to your shelter, while keeping an eye on food, health and rest meters. BuriedTown does innovate on the formula by adding a bacteria meter as well. This is would be a legitimate concern in the zombie apocalypse, with all the contaminated food, water and undead-induced injuries. It adds realism, even if it doesn’t do much for gameplay, because a stomach bug simulator isn’t exactly the drama, puzzles, or escapism I’m looking for in games. Virus, bacteria, and infection are used interchangeably in the game, so don’t overthink it (like I did).

The minimalist graphics blend clean, simple icons with black-and-white stock photography. It’s a great look, monochrome with occasional splashes of red, stark and dark without being gory. As I gathered materials, food, and the occasional weapon, I spent a lot of time running back and forth, because you need so much stuff to build improvements, but you have only a little-bittie carrying capacity. You can upgrade it, for a price, but I’ll get to that later. Each location is measured in hours from your home, and if you’re out after dark, the frequency of zombie attacks increases. Plus, you’ll need to rush home to sleep and eat (you can only eat in the apartment. Apparently I’ll eat found cans of meat, but only at my kitchen table).

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