Twitter Eggs & Moving On

I wanted to write about how I’m done with game reviewing, and I’m really sick of being caught between obviously you can’t expect to make money at it and obviously if you write about games (while being a woman), people are going to seek you out to tell you how much they hate you. It’s not a professional role when you’re looking to be paid more than a 99-cent download code, but it’s totally professional writing as far as expecting and receiving a certain amount of internet hate.

I wrote a review of Depression Quest more than a year before GamerGame. I wrote this review for an outlet where I no longer write, a magazine that has changed hands at least 3 times since then. I think I got $5 for this post. It’s been several years since the post went up, and neither I nor the editor who approved the piece work at this outlet anymore, but every so often Twitter Eggs and other anons will find it, and send me messages about being a paid shill working to ruin games. So there’s that.

I’m also accumulating a depressingly large dead file of reviews I’ve written for outlets that have since gone under, which is not a great feeling.  It’s turning my blog into a graveyard of cool things I wrote for publications that no longer exist (or are no longer paying writers, or have switched to listicles, or whatever). And I keep wondering if it’s time to move on from games reviewing, but then I get excited about a new game, and I think I’ll write this one more, and then it’ll be time to find something new.

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