Apps That Need To Exist: Horror Saturation Protection

A temporary plugin that hides all the articles about whatever horrible and outrageous thing the Republican government has done now. It would also hide the backlash articles about how that horrible thing is just a distraction from an infinitely horrible thing the Republican administration is doing, wake up, people. And it would hide the backlash-backlash hypercritical articles about how everyone knows this healthcare bill is NOT throwing working people under the bus, it’s tossing them, geez, check your facts.  A plugin that hides the GoFundMes for people who won’t die of preventable illnesses if they have enough social capital among people with financial capital. A plugin that blocks every instance of active shooter.

This plugin would work across social media and email and just browsing, and users would be able to set a time limit. Shut off the horror for an evening to get some work done without being confronted with growing hopelessness! Shut off the horror for 24 hours to see some baby pictures on Facebook again, and remember you have friends, and they have little ones growing up, and there’s something besides endless horror in the world.

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  1. Jennette says:

    The closest I have gotten to achieving this is creating curated lists on Twitter and Facebook filled with the accounts I follow that are the least likely to tweet political stuff.

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