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Other Bloggers On Visa Changes

A post on the awesome OneManBandwidth blog says goodbye to many expat friends, and mentions an unexpected side effect of the inability to get and keep a legit working visa in education: Teachers were affected about a year ago when … Continue reading

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Graffiti With Chinese Characteristics

I’ve noticed that Beijing is really low on graffiti. There are exceptions — names and dates scratched into the Great Wall or dust-signatures on cars — but there are almost no spray-painted tags or the type of graffiti I’d expect … Continue reading

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Last night, Stick predicted that I wouldn’t get paid on time, because the new shift in the state holiday calendar has led to an increase in mei you frustration. The holidays were rearranged to break up the long Golden Week … Continue reading

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Take Care Knock Heads

In Beijing, it’s hard to get away from the Olympic improvements. I think the changes are somewhere between using the good china for company, and completely reinventing your wardrobe, habits and personality to attract some guy from history class. (Not … Continue reading

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Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader

I was on World Have Your Say again last night (if you’re my mom, you can download the show). The discussion was about Susan Jacoby’s new book The Age of American Unreason, which claims that Americans are getting dumber and … Continue reading

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Blog Housekeeping

Looks like the blue background makes people want to comment. Thanks! Great to hear from you! Except for the one guy who keeps telling me how to buy discount drugs from Canadian pharmacies, I don’t think he realizes I haven’t … Continue reading

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Google China

Just something we passed the other night in Haidian… it’s bizarre to see a physical Google entity. Edit 1/17/10: After mysterious hackers attempted to break into the GMail accounts of Chinese activists, Google seems to be sick of the Great … Continue reading

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Never A Dull Moment

I have more pictures to post, both from this weekend and school pictures, but just haven’t had time. I had to wing some lessons in my deskless classroom, and then on break we had a surprise meeting about our roles … Continue reading

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English-Language China Bloggers

Humanaught posted the other day on the lack of ladies on English-language China blogs. I think it has something to do with the lack of female expats in China. I read the adventures of Anna Zhan in Taiwan. (I would … Continue reading

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Weird, Weird, Weird

It’s weird weird weird to have my parents in Yantai. The adult-daughter (or is it adult/daughter?) thing is still new to me, and being the navigator, planner, translater and responsible party is just so weird. I need new vocabulary to … Continue reading

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Bethie’s Artwork

Other people would just say “Meg, I broke your hanger” but my sister? She makes existentialist artwork and explains it in great detail. My sister left for America today, but her artwork will remain in my apartment for months to … Continue reading

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One Month Until Stick Visits!

To be totally honest, I’m a lot more worried about Stick’s arrival than I am about his absence. I haven’t seen the boy in 5 months — it’ll be 6 by the time he arrives — and a lot can … Continue reading

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The Anti-China

My new boss, “Will,” is the anti-China. I don’t mean his dislikes our host country, but he takes responsibility in a land where no one knows anything about that and no one knows when someone who does know will be … Continue reading

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Ji, what were you thinking?

Last week my boss Ji took my class of Demon Children when I went out with Fresca. The Demon Children, and not the homesickness or lack of hot water, brought me closest to going back to the states. I am … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Theory…

I have a theory who R.A.B. is. He’s mentioned at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince… oh yeah, spoiler alert. Anyway, it’s Regulus Black. He’s the younger brother of Sirius who joined the Death Eaters, left the … Continue reading

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