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I Like Boats: ‘The Girls at the Kingfisher Club’

Genevieve Valentine’s The Girls At The Kingfisher Club is out today! I wrote about it over at Yahoo, where, unfortunately, my original title “I like boats” was not as funny to others as it was for me, and I had … Continue reading

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The Girls At The Kingfisher Club

I was just sent an eARC of Genevieve’s new book, The Girls At The Kingfisher Club! I’ve been excited to read it since she first mentioned a project about the twelve dancing (Jazz Age) princesses. Recently, I’ve been getting some … Continue reading

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Just A Compliment, Geez

When women are harassed, whether it’s a creepy come-on, an “accidental” grope, a sexist joke, or whatever form it takes, we often ignore it to avoid being considered moody or hard to work with.  Especially in the working sphere, we … Continue reading

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Look, I wasn’t going to jump into the PAX East/ Dickwolves fray, but the ever-awesome Genevieve  Valentine called me out on it. It all began with a mediocre joke from a nerd comic that I find pretty hit-or-miss in general. … Continue reading

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