Lychee Lip Gloss

I got a call from my employment agency in China today. On the plus side, they’ve done this a million times before and are totally confident. Unfortunately, I haven’t and I’m not. So he’s saying things like “Z-visa” and I’m thinking things like What if I can’t get flavored chapsticks in China? I wonder if my mom would ship them to me… Maybe there’s a Chinese Bonne Bell and they come in lychee and green tea flavors. It is this kind of maturity which makes me an excellent teacher candidate for any high school.

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  1. Pink Tulips says:

    hey nice idea… you should present it to some marketing diva crew and see where you can go w/that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fact of the matter is that you can get pretty much anything in China that you can get here. Depending on where you are going, that is. Most of the big cities have Wal-Marts or the equivalent; big box super stores that carry everything from lip balm to peanut butter! So no worries…you’ll be able to get your chapstick 😉

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