Back In Ironforge

I got World of Warcraft loaded on one of the computers in the lab downstairs from my office and I logged on for a couple hours of bandit-slaying and emote flirting with Stick. I’ve already said how much I love WoW, and it was so nice to be back on a MMORPG! And, of course, to play with Stick. We made it through a bunch of quests in the dwarven/gnome lands, and because it had been a while since I played WoW or played in that area, I got to enjoy the graphics and the dialogue all over again.

The crowded servers were really choppy, and even on a less populated one, the cities were still laggy. (Yeah, I know. It takes weeks for a letter to make it to China and I’m complaining because my dwarf froze when she tried to loot. This is the disturbing life of a computer geek.)

The only thing I’d change about WoW is creating an adults-only server. No, not that kind of AO, I just mean a new realm where the over-eighteen crowd can quest without constant chatspam about the speaker’s super-cool 60th level on another server. I mean, I don’t need kids around when I’m playing pretend heroes!

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  1. Stuart says:

    Darnassus rules!

    Also, I like your idea about the over 18 server. The kiddies can be quite annoying sometimes.

  2. The Humanaught says:

    Ok, you’ve touched on a sore point with me. I’ve been a fan of Warcraft since the first one (and went head first into Diabalo and Starcraft too), and when I finally got my new laptop I was super excited that I could play WoW – but (like my quest to fit into CS circles) I’ve yet to find a shop with an English version.

    Suddenly it’s hit me that I’m a moron. I download gigs of shit nonstop, why… why have I not just go the torrent for this. I guess because I’ve fallen out with games… but damnit Meg if you’ve not geekicized my spirit… I’m off to find it.

  3. Meg says:

    Thanks, Ryan, my goal it to geekicize all of China over the next year.

    I actually brought WoW with me from America, it was one of the life essentials I packed when I was filling my suitcase with all the things I’d need to survive for a year.

  4. Jay Adan says:


    With Clarissa and I on opposite ends of the country right now the thing that we look forward to every week is our Sunday WoW marathons. We get together for about 5-7 hours with Skype loaded up (so we can talk) and slay beasts and complete quests and generally feel like we’re actually together. It rocks.

  5. Jay Adan says:

    BTW – Super Adventure Team still exists… although I seem to be the only one still active in the guild.

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