How Can I Leave?

Yesterday, I was handing out new schedules in my Drips class, thinking about how great it is to be at a school with actual schedules.
“This class is becoming too big,” I told my kids. “Starting Saturday, there will be two classes of four students, instead of one class of eight.” (Remember when I was lecturing to over 100 students per class?)
“Can I be in your class?” asked one of my students, looking at the new class lists.
“I’m in B, are you teaching B?”
“Will you still be my teacher?”
“Can you teach A ’cause I’m in A?”
“I want to be in Meg’s class!”

To be honest, this isn’t even my favorite class. I usually call them the Drips or the Bumps (short for Bumps On A Log, which is their participation level). But, man, yesterday’s class is really making it hard to leave.

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  1. Katie Rabbit says:

    quiting my job at Newark was extremely hard because I didn’t want to leave my kids. There were ones i hated, but even more that I still miss. It sucks, but if you did a good job teaching them, which I’m sure you did, they will remember you and what you taught them. ^__^

  2. Anonymous says:

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