Pepero Day

Today all my Korean kids came to class wearing traditional Korean dresses and eating this amazing candy called pepero.

Pepero is a Korean version of a chocolate-covered pretzel. Or chocolate-pretzels are the Amewrican version of pepero. Either way, pepero is an awesome cookie, chocolate, and nuts combination. And four sticks of pepero look just like today’s date, 11/11, so everyone should eat lots of pepero to celebrate.

You say Armistice Day, I say chocolate-eating day. Just another cultural difference on this side of the planet.

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  1. The Humanaught says:

    Not 100% that you knew it or not, but Pepero Day is somewhat legitimate as an actual holiday. Now THAT is great marketing at work.

    I hear Tyco and Mattel are in talks with Pepero to see if they can’t figure out how to get Christmas changed to Matyco Day.

    PS: Pocky’s are also good 😉 I’m hooked on the white chocolate ones.

  2. Stuart says:

    Pocky is the best. First time I went to China I had a decent supply of the stuff in my pack. Thank goodness there’s a Japanese market not far from me; it has a great selection.

  3. Jay Adan says:

    A friend of mine who travels to Japan a lot introduced me to Pocky. THat’s some good eatin’.

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