Canadian Piracy

This article from Danwei explains China’s position on intellectual property, and explains that Canada is a way bigger piracy threat than China. The gist is that if you if you total the amount of money lost on pirated software in Canada and in China (forget that Canadian prices are a bit higher than Chinese), and then divide it by the number of people in each country (that’s 1.3 billion in China, and I think 12 people in Canada? Maybe only 10 now that PandaPassport and Humanaught moved to China), you get the per capita piracy loss.

I think the final values are $16.78 per pirating Canuck, and $1.68 for each Chinese pirate, which totally proves that our neighbors to the north are the problem.

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  1. pandapassport says:

    (icks-nay on the Iracy-pay, Meg!)

  2. Stephen says:

    But the US asked Canada to help it talk with China due to the amount of pirated goods from China affecting Canada’s economy.

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