Jigga…. jigga….

The other day, I saw some new fruit at the vendor by our house. I asked for two of the small yellow apples, so Stick and I could try the crazy new things, and the vendor started to laugh. He knew what I meant, and got them for me, but all the while laughing and telling his friend “The foreign woman says [Chinese name for not-apples] are apples!”

This is what kills my Chinese learning. I saw something new, expressed what I wanted, was understood, and I STILL got laowai giggles. I may as well point and hold up two fingers.

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  1. Wha wha wha? says:

    Do what I do, pimp slap, pow tao…

    then pull out yo strap,
    point it to the sky,
    and blast,
    pa pa, pa pa, pa pa pa pa,

    Slow strobe motion,
    inversely –
    proportional to kinematic,
    my automatic.

    I’m seeing it,
    things shaky,
    everything swirling,
    and doubling, doubling my vision.
    Expanding, mach banding,
    Forever expansion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you know that anything white people do is funny?

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