Crisis Averted

I left to go to my meeting WITHOUT A SHOWER or WASHING MY FACE, and when I was at school, I told Stick that we have no water. Stick’s class had finished, so he went home to fix it.

I guess I kind of left all the taps in the ON position. Not intentionally, just because while I was freaking out about the lack of water, I turned the taps on and off about a hundred times and I guess I forgot which is on and which is off. Anyway, Stick got home and he went to investigate the plumbing situation, and rusty, dirty water started to drip out of all the taps. Luckily he came home and shut them off before the rusty water started to pour out of everything!

However, Stick was so excited at the prospect of fixing the plumbing that he decided to do something that involves a screwdriver and taking the showerhead apart and now not only do we have hot water (so what if it’s a little brown?), but we have water pressure!

Stick would like you all to know that he is very handy around the house.

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