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Short but awesome post on Assumed Knowledge from Teaching Game Design about being a game designer:

If you tell people you’re a game designer, one of the two typical reactions is “hey, I have this great idea for a game…” (the other reaction is “what’s a game designer?”). Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Junior Designer on your first gig or if you’ve got twenty years experience; everyone you meet thinks they’re a better designer than you.

The My Favorite Spelling Errors from Adventures In Teaching

1. “Defiantly” for “Definitely”: This one is an artifact of spell-check. I do find “definitely” sort of hard to spell, so I have some sympathy for getting the red wavy line on it. But if your best guess has the letter A in it, then the computer’s first suggestion is going to be “defiantly.” If you remember your hooked on phonics and sound it out, you’ll realize you want choice two–but most people don’t bother, which leads to sentences like, “I defiantly recommend this book/movie/thingy to anyone,” or “I defiantly didn’t want to be working for minumum wage the rest of my life.” It amuses me to imagine someone defiantly making these declarations.

Jerry Spring Vs. Harper Lee on Rockstar Mommy

So, I’m at Target [Ed. Note: In New Jersey!] and the cashier is ringing me up and I look up at his name tag to see that it reads: Radley with a B handwritten in front of it in black Sharpie. And I’m all, “Wow! Boo? Is your name really Boo? Please tell me that your name is Boo because that might just be the single coolest thing I ever heard.”

He looked up at me in amazement, like I was magic, like I was here to give him all the answers to all the questions he would ever have in this world.


“It’s my nickname… How’d… How’d you know that?” he asked.

“Well, ummm, I, you know, read.”


“You know, read. Books. Boo Radley? To Kill A Mockingbird? Boo. Radley.”

“There’s a guy in a book named Boo Radley?”

I asked him “No one’s ever told you that?” instead of the real question I wanted to be asking him which was, “Please tell me you’re not allowed to register to vote…?”

And I swear to you, on every guitar I’ve ever owned, he responded by saying, “No, I just thought it was a nickname my baby’s mama gave to me.”

I’m really beginning to love New Jersey.

The Weifang Radish talks about American Midwest and Chinese Hinting-Hua

American Midwest:
“I guess the newspaper will be here by now.”
Translation: “Go get the newspaper.”

“I wonder what’s in the news today.”
Translation: “Go get the newspaper.”

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