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My Eufloria review is up on Bytten. Despite really enjoying Eufloria, this was a hard review to write. I loved the organic-art graphics so much, but as I read and reread my attempts at a review, I started to feel awkward about being a female reviewer squeeing over the pretty. I also loved the streamlined, elegantly basic RTS mechanics, but, again, I didn’t want to sound like the girl player who likes the simplified strategy game.

Not since I first discovered Civ2 has a game made me late for so many things. Eufloria offers two of the same addictive qualities as the Civilization series, both the empire-spreading and the need to play just a few more minutes until the next mini-milestone. Eufloria simplifies the unit selection and improvement add-ons of the real-time strategy genre, presenting mystical space lifeforms in a surprisingly vibrant universe. You play not as a general or political leader, but as a collection of seedlings, and your goal is to grow, and spread, take over neighboring asteroids, and make the growers proud.

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So, yes. I like a game with flowers. Deathray flowers.

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  1. Game reviews… I’ll turn my grandkids on to you 😉

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