Stranded Without A Phone

This morning, I reviewed Stranded Without A Phone over at DIYgamer. I’m particularly proud of this review, it’s great when I can articulate exactly which parts made a game annoying and which made it awesome. (Spoiler alert: Most of it’s awesome.)

Stranded Without A Phone  is an iGadget game from indie developer Gilligames, set in the same  universe at their previous release Space HoRSE. (No knowledge of Space HoRSE is required to play and love Stranded, but it does explain why the protagonist is wearing what looks like a stylish dress-shirt-and-diaper ensemble.) I enjoyed the island survival and crafting found in Sims2 Castaway and Lost In Blue 2, so I went in with high hopes for Stranded Without A Phone.



You play as the lone survivor of a rocket crash en route to a new colony. You have no food, no water, no shelter, no way to call for help, and apparently no pants, either. On the upside, you’ve landed on a tropical island and not, say, a gas giant with a methane atmosphere.

Via Stranded Without A Phone [Review] | DIYgamer

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  1. Sue says:

    can you tell me if you need to have internet connection to play this on ipod touch??

    I don’t have “connectivity” very often… but still like the sim games.

    Thanks Sue
    (any idea how you figure this out when looking at the ap store?)

  2. Meg says:

    Yes, you can play this on the iTouch without any connection. 🙂

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