MyTribe’s New Mystery

So my favorite Facebook game, MyTribe recently added sending gifts and begging for gifts, and that’s pretty much the day I lost interest in the game. It was extra frustrating because there were so many great ways MyTribe could have implemented social trading — trading island resources and crops, for example — but instead it went the way of FarmVille spamming.

MyTribe also has collections made of random drops now, but I haven’t seen them add anything to gameplay, so virtual packratting doesn’t appeal to me. I’d like at least a veneer of gameplay over the acquisition of imaginary items. I mean, I’ll still rerun Van Cleef a dozen times to get the whole set of matching Defias armor…

But… I started playing MyTribe again because there are new mysteries to unlock. Flotsam’s Call (or as I like to call it, the Hatch), is the first of six new mysteries, so start building your Great Ark now to get to a new island with three new mysteries.

Solving Flotsam’s Call takes advantage of the new crafting recipes. Crafting was a great addition, I tend to like crafting (If I’m not wearing the Defias leather, I’ll endlessly mine and level my blacksmithing to craft another complete set of armor) and it adds a little bit of individuality to your tribe’s island. You’ll need to craft 4 torches, so to solve the mystery, you’ll need the recipe for torches (found under Supplies, then Decorations, then Decorative), 40 wood and 40 mushrooms. Then place one torch in each hole in the hatch. The reward is an increased drop rate for regular and silver crates and barrels, a nice bonus if you are interested in completed collections.

To open the Jewel Vault (because, seriously, what tropical island doesn’t have a jewel vault?), you’ll need to find four gems, one each from the Common, Uncommon, Rare and Scarce categories. Apply these gems to clothing, and dress your tribespeople in their sparkly new power-up clothes.

It seems you can use the same tribesperson wearing different clothes each time to unlock the mystery, but that even if he’s wearing two or more gems at a time, he can’t fulfill two or more requirements at once.

As a reward, you’ll get four new gems. Any one know if these are the same four every time? You’ll also be able to remove gems from clothing by putting a gem-wearing tribesperson on the Jewel Vault. So, hey, getting gems stuck on clothing isn’t a design flaw! You just need the Jewel Vault mystery!

More mysteries will be out on August 23rd.

What do you think? Are you excited about the new MyTribe  mysteries, or burned out on all the giftspam?

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45 Responses to MyTribe’s New Mystery

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Another new mystery came out today!

  4. Katy says:

    I really like MyTribe. I had completed all the mysteries and was looking forward to settling in on my island, now I’ll have to find my way to other islands and such again. I’m not sure how crazy I am about doing that.

  5. Lisa says:

    I am on an island and I have no idea what this mystery is. It looks odd and has four holes around it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Put a torch in each of the holes for more chests, barrels and crates (1 more per hour). This includes the silver variety also (10% speed increase)!

  7. Debi says:

    I would like to be able to change hair colors.

  8. Lunarhound says:

    I think Farmville has become the World of Warcraft of Facebook games. It isn’t the first to do what it did, but it refined it, got it down to a science and wrapped it up in a very pretty (for Facebook) package. Now, all the other Facebook games want to try to mimic its success, thousands speak its name with disgust, and thousands more (including, probably, many of the disgusted ones) continue to play it. If what you do in Farmville can be called playing. It’s really a shame if MyTribes is going in this direction, because it looked like it might be one of the few FaceBook games that wasn’t downright awful.

    Mind you, I could be talking out of my ass here. I haven’t played either Farmville or MyTribes. This is just the feeling I get based on what I read, hear and see of the game.

    I’m disappointed to read this, because I actually almost tried MyTribes the other day. Does this mean I shouldn’t?

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I think the new mysteries are a last-ditch effort to pull the game out of a downward spiral that started when they added gifting and buying items. I really loved the game up until that point. I’ve gone to big fish games and bought/downloaded my own copy of the game and I can play without gathering stork feathers! I can also mix potions and have fun trying them out. Of course, now I’m bored with the game because I’ve completed all but one task: I need to get at least one tribe member 969 years old. If I speed up the game, I can’t seem to get back to it before I lose over half my population, staying on the slow setting takes so long… like watching paint dry or grass grow. So, I’m trying to decide what to do now. Probably retire the game for awhile, then go back and start all over again. (Can’t do that on facebook, either. I’ve tried to find a way of clearing the game and starting over so I could solve puzzles in a different order but no luck.

  12. Misty says:

    Does anyone know how to solve the newest mystery?? The branchless tree growing out of the gray pot??? Thanks!!!

  13. Cheese - and pie says:

    i like pie! i wish they had pie in my tribe 🙂 and i wish that u could give gifts to othr pple frm ur supplies so my friend can gve me all her stuff! mwahahahaha!!! lol :L
    I’m not wierd 😉

  14. Stinky and Cheese says:

    I think that ‘Cheese-and pie,’ are making irrevelant comments to this blog and are wasting the people’s time. However, I do agree that ‘My Tribe’ should let people give gifts from their own supply.

  15. Stinky and Cheese says:

    Serious ya kno?!

  16. Stinky and Cheese says:

    I forgot. I was not meaning to offend anyone when i made that last post, ‘serious ya kno!?’ Also i did mean to offend ‘Cheese – and pie.’

  17. Meg says:

    Um… both of those last 2 commenters have the same IP address. I’m confused.

  18. CHELSEA says:

    How’s you get gems ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    You find them in chests or barrels, or you receive them as leveling up rewards.

  20. Jenny says:

    I am looking for solves for the last few mysteries released. will keep checking back here periodically for new information but the ones I am looking to solve are the tree in a pot, the jewel thing, the “hatch” and the fountain of youth – have found the solves for a couple of them but pls put up the others asap! 🙂

  21. CS says:

    Need to know how to solve newest mystery… some sort of door looking thing with crystals on top that need alignment. Help.

  22. gamer says:

    ok the tree in the gray pot your neighbors need to fertilize it then you have to put a farmer on it. I have two leaves left farmer is level 26 and not smart enough to finish. UGG jewls is one of each level put it on some one then drop them on it. hatch ism4mtourches you get a receipe from floating crates. I need help with the crystal one if anyone knows please post. Thanks

  23. Anonymous says:

    How do you figure out the cloning machine?

  24. Anonymous says:

    For the new mystery of the Flower in silver pot:

    Get a friend to fertilize this mystery for you. Next drop a tribesperson on it- this will make a flower appear. Repeat this process 9 times. Note that each time the tribesperson needs to be 3 levels higher in agriculture.
    Reward: 3x fertilizer for a friends farms

  25. Anonymous says:

    For the new mystery of the door with the crystals along the top, click on the mystery and pick the button that says “inspect”. You will have to do this 4 times on 4 different islands. Reward is an exact clone of which ever tribes person you drop on the mystery door.

  26. Meg says:

    Hey guys! Just finished the instructions for Friendship’s bloom (the withered tree one). Hope it helps!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Meg! (Love your posts!)
    I am the one who posted comment number 21. It’s not working. 🙁 I was on 1st island with the door with crystals and inspected it (first crystal lit up). And now I have sailed to my second island that has the door with crystals and when I try to inspect it, I get the message: You have already inspected this structure. Subsequent inspections don’t seem to yield any further insights.
    But I spent the 5 pearls to get the BIG hint and I feel like I am doing what it told me to do.
    Any thoughts?

  28. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know how to solve the one with the tree ? its new

  29. Meg says:

    Are you talking about the cloning mystery?

    And the withered tree one is here:

  30. belle says:

    i need help with the nesest one with the massive single blue gem with a star in the side! I know i can put a star on it then a person and if is says something about their hair standing on end a gem will go in one of the many holes around the base. So i did this – i got 6 gem holes filled then all of a sudden the next person ‘hair went flat’ and all the gems disappeared and i was back to square one! Arghhh! ive done it 3 times now, doing my people in different order, it is not strating over with the same person each time! HELP!

  31. Vikki says:

    I finally had to quit MyTribe for Facebook. I didn’t enjoy having to beg for gifts or buy ’em for friends. One of the reasons I play games on FB is so I DON’T have to spend money. So many of the games are now coming up with items that are only available if you spend money to buy the gold equivalent of that game’s money. Even if they went to FB credits, it would end up the same. Sorry, I seem to have digressed…. so instead of trying to keep up with MyTribe on FaceBook, I also went to Big Fish Games and bought my own copy of the game, downloaded it, and now have a nice little island (around 30th) and am just aging my oldest tribe members. I had the same difficulty as #7 above. I have ALMOST succumbed to the call of the FB version, but managed to resist when reminded that FB gives no way to clear the game and start over. So, I’ll just go on watching grass and trees grow. Just let me know when a really GOOD game comes along. OK?

  32. belle says:

    Hard when all my tribe is either light brown or blonde… can’t make a dark haired baby!

  33. Sue says:

    anyone with an update on the family statue?
    thought that putting new baby, mom & dad all together at the statue would be the obvious answer… but not..
    hints anyone?

  34. Sue says:

    may have just answered my own question
    tried the youngest tribes woman of baby making age….who hasn’t had a baby yet & got a crystal
    will have to wait for the next one to grow up a few years to see if it works again!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    @Family statue: you have to drop 5 different women. First drop a woman with 1 child, then one with 2, … and so on
    I tried to drop a woman twice after she gave birth to another child – but this don’t work

  36. Sue says:

    absolutely stumped
    blonde & brown tribes people made a brown haired baby
    blonde & dark brown made a brown haired baby
    that cost me over 200 feathers to get nowhere
    any ideas on making a light brown baby??

    & just spent ages searching for a new island with the recycle depot…
    can’t seem to get there from here!!

  37. Ron says:

    OMG! Red and Brown = Black haired baby. I’ve never seen Auburn, Light Brown or Grey on any of my Tribees, and I’ve only seen Grey on my friends islands when a Black haired person gets old. Anyone else their hair turns white when they get old. My second island only has black and red haired Tribees, I can’t seem to breed any variation in them at all.

    BTW Sue, the “Recycle Depot” is a building, not a Mystery. Islands don’t come with one any more than they come with a Science Station, you have to build and upgrade it.

  38. Ron says:

    Hoorey! Brown Mum and Strawberry Dad gets me an Auburn baby!

  39. Ron says:

    Hmm, Blond dad and Brown Mum also gets Auburn. Is light brown another “age related” hair colour?

  40. Ron says:

    Okay, second try and Blond Dad with Brown Mum got me a Light Brown haired baby.

    I think I’m getting there.

  41. Meg says:

    So is it entirely random, then? everyone seems to be reporting different genetic results.

  42. sk8erchick007 says:

    polymorph obelisk how do i solve that mystery? plz help me!it looks like a big ruby. if that helps any.

  43. Pandora says:

    everyone seems to be reporting different genetic results.

  44. bobsobol says:

    @sk8erchick007 et.el
    The Polymorph Obolisk is indeed about placing a Tribee of different hair colour on after each Star Dust. The 9 colours are:- (From Belle above #28)
    Strawberry Blonde
    Light Brown
    Dark Brown

    The effect of the Obolisk is that you get a bunch of XP and can use a Tribee on it each day to change their hair.

    I finally managed it. Each mixed hair colour parent couple has a number of possible baby hair colour outcomes, and 1 of these is selected at random during at “birth”. So it’s part pot-luck, and partly down to mixing parents.

    I am lucky enough to have this on the same island as my first Childrens’s Moai. So lots of Babies is a requirement anyway. 😀

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