Chirba Chirba

One of the many things I miss about Beijing is having delicious dumplings all the time. There’s a pretty heated debate about which dough it the best, and which filling, and whether the best dumplings are steamed or fried or boiled, but I don’t care, all dumplings are tasty!

One of the many, many things I miss about New York is the Rickshaw dumpling truck. Delicious dumplings, without the possibility that I misspoke and ordered something wrong, like that time I accidentally ordered a whole chicken. (Chinese is hard, ok?)

Chirba Chirba Dumpling on UrbanspoonNorth Carolina is not the greatest place for dumplings, unless you mean the floury kind with chicken,  so whenever I cross paths with the Chirba Chirba truck, even if I’m not particularly hungry, I stop and get dumplings.

chirba north carolina

Smiling baozi!

Chirba Chirba parks near my office sometimes, which is about as good as it gets in North Carolina.  They have a rotating selection of dumplings, including a Beijing-duck kind and a pork and chives kind. There’s always at least one vegetarian option, which is more likely to be a tasty mushroom dumpling than a token salad.

baozi chirba

Delicious jiaozi!

Chirba has other things, like edamame and tea eggs, which I guess you could have if you didn’t want dumplings.  But are you sure you don’t want dumplings?

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5 Responses to Chirba Chirba

  1. Rebekkah N says:

    Love them! They come by my workplace every once and while. I never can resist.

    Have you tried Able Bar & Grill in Cary? JJ swears they’ve got the best dumplings he’s had in NC. Although he said it was a close call with Chirba Chirba.

  2. This is too bizarre. I saw your post on SITSSharefest on the site and had to come by because I knew you were local to me. My husband loves this truck and especially when it is near his office. I’ve yet to try their dumplings because I don’t eat pork, or mushrooms. And usually at Food Truck Rodeo-s they don’t have other choices. But I want to!!

    Anyway, hi to you – my “neighbor!” – nice to meet you.

    • Meg Stivison says:

      Hi neighbor! You should definitely give it a try, there’s often a spicy chicken dumpling too, although I’m too busy cramming other dumplings into my mouth to try that one. (I keep meaning to go to one of the food truck rodeos in Durham but haven’t been yet!)

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