The Invisible Emperor

Long ago, a secret society known as the Order of the Dragon possessed abilities and ancient knowledge…

The Invisible Emperor
by Arnold von Cornova relies on history and myth to tell an epic fantasy story about good and evil.

I thought the story started of fairly slowly (when I went to Amazon to get the cover art, I noticed that most of the negative Amazon reviews complain about this), but when I completed the book, the slow opening made sense because a lot of it was setting up the world and the factions, and putting the plot in motion. There’s a lot of European history and folklore squeezed into this fantasy story, along with a terribly evil and powerful villain, and ancient powers.

I read this as an ARC, so I wasn’t surprised to find a couple typos and usage errors. Hopefully that’ll be smoothed out by publication!

You can see more about the book and watch the book trailer here at The Invisible Emperor.

I received this book from the publisher to review. Thank you!

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