Captain Prototype

Remember that Captain Action game I started working on last year? We got the first prototype this week, and it looks so good. After so long on index cards and in shared docs, it’s great to see it looking like a real game. Harold’s done an amazing job sourcing original Captain Action art from a long list of comics illustrators, and he’s also come up with packaging and a wild cards that references the original. I’ve kept the original 3-in-1 game concept, with three different card games that can be played with the same deck.

captian-action-demoJust a couple more tweaks before our November launch!

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2 Responses to Captain Prototype

  1. Paul Owen says:

    That’s so cool. There’s something magic about the point of pulling together a finished prototype.

    • Meg says:

      Most of my game dev work has been for videogames, so being able to hold and play with a physical prototype is so exciting! Almost there!

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