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North Carolina Strikes Down LGBT Protections Statewide 

North Carolina lawmakers voted overwhelmingly today to strike down all existing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in the state, during a special legislative session called in response to Charlotte passing a trans-inclusive ordinance. The state’s Republican-led House of Representatives passed House Bill … Continue reading

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Fangirl to Influencer at Carolina Blogging

Carolina Blogging’s first skillshare and blogger meetup will be this March, and I’m going to be talking about review blogging, specifically about writing on books and games. But I totally described it in a professional way! Fangirl to Influencer: Turn Your … Continue reading

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Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any Pride and Prejudice sequel will be a complete disaster. But like every other former English major, I’m so fascinated by Mr. Darcy that I can’t stop reading the knockoffs. Despite having highwaymen, attempted ravishment … Continue reading

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How LOST Will End

I started watching LOST in Yantai, so it’s been years now that I’ve been hoping to get a job working for the Dharma Initiative.  I’ve fallen a month or two behind on this season (which requires avoiding Twitter on certain … Continue reading

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Triangle IGDA

I went to the Triangle IGDA meetup last week, while Stick was away in Charlotte. It was a bit nerve-wracking going in, but I hadn’t even gotten my name tag before I started talking to a newly-local indie game dev, … Continue reading

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The Registry of Deeds

The other night, Stick and I went to a wine tasting, where I clarified my life goals. Um. Yes, I suppose that needs an explanation. We stopped in to a wine tasting at a small shop, just another thing I like … Continue reading

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NoDa, Charlotte

A few weeks ago, I was trying to pin down what I don’t like about Cary. I know some of it is feeling like Cary is an extended blank verso between the close of our Beijing adventure and the beginning … Continue reading

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