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BuriedTown Review on Hardcore Droid

I have a new post up over on Hardcore Droid: In BuriedTown, you are a lone survivor after the rise of the zombies, looting what you can to build up your home. You’ll need to get a weapon, maybe some … Continue reading

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Come for the Zombie Slayage, Stay for the Survivor Stories

Recently I put Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville on my phone to play during quiet times at work. (Eventually I’m going to write you a post about my current job, and the hilarious moments as a Mandarin-speaking, er, a Mandarin-understanding white … Continue reading

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No Troglodytes Were Harmed

I just finished reviewing the Knights of Pen and Paper 2 for Hardcore Droid (where I reviewed the original Knights of Pen and Paper), and man, Behold Studios really knows their audience.  So many tabletop jokes in this game!

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Exploding Limes and Fractal Cabbage

A few weeks ago, I covered the browser version of Enchanted Cave 2 for my students, so I was pretty excited to review this roguelike treasure grab for adult gamers over on Hardcore Droid. Lots of meta-jokes for RPG gamers, and silly … Continue reading

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Enchanted Cave 2

I recently played and loved the web version of Enchanted Cave 2, and covered it for Youth Digital’s students, so I jumped at the chance to review the new mobile version for Hardcore Droid. I really love doing reviews for … Continue reading

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Sometimes Nostalgia’s Not Enough For a Successful Game

New piece up on Hardcore Games. After the first dungeon, where my biggest challenge was finding my way, the second dungeon became almost impossibly difficult. (The party wipes were not helped by a small bug that caused the game to … Continue reading

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Bik Review on Hardcore Droid

My new review is up, over on Hardcore Droid: Bik is a point-and-click (er, tap) adventure, offering all the best of the point-and-click genre: There are piles of bizarre items to be picked up and then used in unusual ways, loveable loser … Continue reading

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From The #SXSW Gaming Expo

South by Southwest is almost a month of interactive, film and music shows, held annually in Austin, Texas. The festival is known for emerging music, launches of innovative tech startups, professional development sessions, and A-list keynotes, as well as for … Continue reading

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Indie Game Blog Carnival #1

Hello everyone! I’m at SxSW right now, and I’m either listening to an amazing session, drinking with friends, or completely lost on the complete opposite side of where I mean to be going. (That is how conferences go for me.) … Continue reading

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December Meeting of IGDA NC Triangle Chapter, Hosted by Themis Media!: Triangletech

Please join us at Themis Media in Durham, NC for IGDA NC Triangle’s December meeting! This month’s talk, “Press Kit Hacks for Indie Devs,” will be given by Meg Stivison at 7:30 pm. Meg Stivison has worked on the development … Continue reading

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