MyTribe’s Second Island

I finally built the Great Ark and got off the island. Oh, hi, I’m talking about MyTribe again, not LOST.

When your tribe completes the Ark and sails to a new island, they’ll bring everything from the first island’s storehouse, even if that’s more than the tribe’s new storehouses can hold.  Making sure your stocks are full before leaving seems like a good idea, but it can create a small problem because if your tribe already has more rocks and wood than your starter storehouses can hold, you can’t clear any trees or rocks.  I arrived with lots of skilled people and lots of supplies, and no places to build all the housing my tribe needed. Oops!

Your tribe also retains everything they’ve found, harvested and made (under Supplies and then Raw Resources)

When you choose a new island, you can also choose three new mysteries. (Details on unlocking all of them are in my MyTribe mysteries walkthrough, if you’re stuck) The fountain of youth is probably the most valuable island mystery. It wasn’t so important in the old single-player version, but keeping your tribespeople young is essential in the Facebook MyTribe. Adding to your tribe becomes prohibitively expensive in stork feathers, so you need to keep your tribespeople young and fit. A drink from the fountain of youth makes your over-forty crowd feel 40, and your under-forty crowd feel 24, permanently.

The mysterious stump may be the worst possible mystery. The resulting Ever Tree is pretty useless, since you can replenish your wood source by planting saplings at any time. A sapling doesn’t cost any resources, just a tribesperson to tend it, and there’s also a MyTribe achievement for planting 20 saplings.

I knew I didn’t want a star rock or moon rock, since I already have more stardust and moondust than I can use.  I also didn’t need the Cornicopia Bush, because I kept all the stored harvests of berries and the ability to plant all the seeds gained from having a Cornicopia Bush on my previous island.

I picked a new island with a fountain of youth, the tiki head, and the fossil rock. The science bonus for the fossil rock is pretty helpful, but it would probably have been more beneficial on my first island, when I had fewer people and they were producing science more slowly.

The tiki head, well, I should just admit that I picked it because it was pretty. The powerup for any new babies is good too, but I won’t be using it all that often, since it costs me over sixty (!!!) stork feathers for a new tribesperson, and by the time I finish unlocking the tiki head, it’ll be even more expensive.

Collecting stork feathers is where MyTribe turns into a typical Facebook game. To accumulate stork feathers, you’ll need to visit your friends’ islands. Since players will more friends will progress faster, it only encourages the annoying friend-spam cycle. For maximum progress, players need to sign in daily to collect the feathers, but at least MyTribe doesn’t actively punish players for not checking in. (I’m looking at you, Farmville, Island Paradise, and the rest.) I’ve never had a problem telling my friends to play a game I enjoy – I blogged about enjoying the original MyTribe without the possibility of stork feather benefits from newly converted players – and I don’t want a game that requires players to participate in chain letter invitations.

Fortunately, most of MyTribe is a light strategy game on a cute tropical island, without the constant requests to exchange gifts or sign up for email updates.

What do you think are the most helpful mysteries? What would you pick for your second island?

Edit: Just added the solution to the new mysteries, Flotsam’s Call and the Jewel Vault.

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0 Responses to MyTribe’s Second Island

  1. michelle says:

    it says i need like10,000 rocks or what ever to build the ark but i can only hold 100 rocks in my thing how? what do i do im lost?

  2. bat says:

    you need to keep upgrading your storage houses for wood and rock until both can store up to 10,000. This game takes a bit of time.

  3. Meg says:

    Keep upgrading! It seems like it will take FOREVER (especially because each upgrade taps into your existing stores) but later on, when you have more tribespeople and they have higher skills, it goes pretty quickly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When you finish your boat, do you sail away to a new island automatically or can you just leave it sit there until you are ready?

  5. Ed says:

    You make a good point in here about the Tiki Head. I think it is best to start with the Tiki Head on your first Island because the cost of Stork Feathers gets very high later in the game. I am on my second island and have not done the Tiki Head yet. My current cost of Stork Feathers is already at 40+ and by the time I get to my third Island and finish the Tiki Head, it is going to cost me somewhere around 80+ Stork Feathers to finish(I would estimate). If you don’t have the Tiki Head on your first island, I would recommend getting it by your second island to get it out of the way with minimal Stork Feathers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You make a good point about the tiki head and the stork feathers, but I am wondering if your tribes people die does it require less stork feathers to make a baby? I was thinking it might be worth letting some of the less important (not very stron or skilled) people die so that I can use fewer stork feather to finish the tiki head.

  7. Anonymous says:

    it wont matter if someone dies…the cost of feathers still goes up as you make more children. im at 142 stork feathers per child now and it sucks! my problem is that i still need 3 more babies to finish the tiki head mystery(my final mystery to unlock to get the max achievement) and my island is at max capacity of 30. the only thing i can think to do is starve my people to make them die so the others can have more children, otherwise it prevents me from having more to finish the achievement. i too wish i would have gotten this on my first island because ive let everyone dip in the fountain of youth and they arent dying naturally anytime soon…

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey i was wondering if once you leave your original island, can you go back to it?

  9. Wanderer says:

    If I sail to a new island, am I stuck there until I rebuild the Ark?

  10. Meg says:

    You can’t ever go back to your original island, and when you arrive on your second island, the ark disappears. All you really bring with you are your tribespeople, certain upgrades from mysteries on the first island (eternal youth, extra berries, etc.), and your stores of supplies.

  11. Sue says:

    I have recipes for almost all of my dyes but almost none for my gems or resources!
    is there any way to increase the recipes in these??

  12. Jess says:

    can someone please tell me how i can have more babies ?? my characters keep telling me they arent ready now but in the future they will be again and i need 2 more babies to complete the quest.Also whats the deal with upgrading storage for wood an stuff? i can hold 500 now and im carrying as much wood and rocks as im able and i cant upgrade the buildings any longer thanks for your help

  13. RachelRazor says:

    @Jess Not to be mean, but that’s so obvious my 5 year old sister got it. If a woman already has a baby, she can’t have another, you have to use another woman, or wait until the baby is atleast 2. And the upgrades might be a glitch.

  14. taote] says:

    When you finish your boat, do you sail away to a new island automatically or can you just leave it sit there until you are ready?!!! and u cant sail between ur new island nd ur old one????

  15. Vikki says:

    I would love to find out how to erase My Tribe and start over. I would solve mysteries in a different order now that I know what I’m doing (sort-of). I have tried deleting the app on facebook, then reinstalling, but it reinstalls the same game right where I left off. Does anyone have an answer of how to do this???

  16. Sue says:

    for Taote
    I built my ark about 3 weeks ago & am working on my science points before I leave…
    it just sits there until you click go!!
    it even gives you a chance to say no!!

  17. Taote says:

    so ur not allowed to go back to ur original island after u sail to ur second one? i don’t want to build the ark then!

  18. Cheese says:

    Dont worry, u can leave it to sit 4 as long as u like, you dont have to go as soon as its built. It’s still good to start on a new island though because everything will get boring on your old island soon, Toate. There will be nothing to do, you would have done all the mysterys and you would get really bored. At least when you sail to your new island you know what you’re doing and all your people are experienced

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yes, once you leave the first island you can’t sail back to it, but it’s still worth going to a new island for new mysteries and supplies

  20. tyloomsew says:

    i want to get started on the ark but it is taking me so long to get 100 star dust and 25 moon dust

  21. Zuko_luvr says:

    Can someone answer a question for me?.? Well I JUST built my Great Ark…and I was about to sail away but like do you get to bring all your people?.? I have like a ot of people who are important to my tribe and me personally, whether you think its retarded or not. I have an almost 300 year old that I would never want to loose!

  22. Meg says:

    Hi Zuko. You bring all your people and all your supplies, but you need to rebuild everything else.

  23. Sammi says:

    I’ve just taken five of my original folk to the new island, following the upgrades to the FB game, only they got so tired they fell asleep on their feet before I could build anywhere for them to rest! They have been asleep for ages now, every now and then one will wake, walk around for a bit and do a couple of things but then straight back to sleep again – anyone have any clues at all?

  24. Lou says:

    You need to force them to build a hut, firstly, because they will never get anything else done otherwise!

    The great thing about the new way of doing it is you start from the beginning of the stork feather conundrum. I made a baby as soon as I built a hut, and it cost me 1 feather!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    hey dude, thanks for the great hints and tips, I spend too many hours per day on Facebook already to be bother stuffing around trying to guess things and not about to spend real cash on games at this point! Was hoping to find the clves for the new mysteries a don’e most of the others alreay – hope i do when i keep reading but just though i’d point out to you that you should spell check before publishing!!
    what is wrong with this sentence from above!

    “Since players will more friends will progress faster,….”

  26. Anonymous says:

    Your commenters crack me up.

  27. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with this sentence from above?

    “Was hoping to find the clves for the new mysteries a don’e most of the others alreay – hope i do when i keep reading but just though i’d point out to you that you should spell check before publishing!!”

  28. Meg says:

    For a gaming blog, I get surprisingly few you’re-doing-it-wrong comments.

  29. Audra says:

    The number of stork feathers required for a baby DOES go down if you let people die off and bring your population number down…

  30. Sue says:

    I’m stuck!!
    haven’t had anyone fertilize my friendship bloom for weeks…
    is that because they can’t
    Add Sue Palethorpe to your friend list if you want to help!!

  31. Meg says:

    Hey guys! Just finished the instructions for Friendship’s bloom (the withered tree one). Hope it helps!

  32. Skittles says:

    Sorry if it was answered…but i built my shipyard and ark and when i sail to my new island, i wont have anything but my people and stored supplies??? So i have to rebuild my storehouses or do i keep them…? HELP PLEASE!!!

  33. Sue says:

    You need to rebuild
    but start with a place to sleep when your tribe gets tired!!

  34. Skittles says:

    ok thanks for the help!!

  35. Candise Wendland says:

    When you move, do you keep your decorations as well? Or just the recipes?

    Your blog was very helpful. Thanks.

  36. Candise Wendland says:

    Sorry. Forgot to click notify…

    Thanks again 🙂

  37. MsLisaL says:

    I am tired of maintaining 4 islands. Does anyone know how to delete an island, or merge it with another?
    I have already tried sending an ark to the same number island, but it merely set up on an identical island.
    And if I just let islanders die off, I get a new island with 7 new islanders. Thanks for your help.

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